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About Source One Services

Source One Services traces its origin back to 1984. Since the very beginning our philosophy has been to provide the latest systems at a reasonable cost. We do not compromise with cheap components or controls that will only give you trouble; or gouge you with high prices for smoke and mirrors. Since before the term "User Friendly" became common, we have worked long hours making sure the systems we installed would provide many years of easy to use trouble-free service. All backed by a responsive service staff to help you with your system(s).

As times have changed, so have the electronic systems available to the homeowner and business people of our community. At Source One Services we have always been on the leading edge of technology. From humble beginnings several years ago, home systems have improved and expanded to encompass almost everything in a home. Computers and telephones in home and business have advanced into realms many could not even conceive only short time ago.

Todayís electronics encompass complete control of electronics, lights, alarms, CCTV, telephone, and more. We strongly believe in the future of custom electronics and their continued development. While staying on the leading edge of technology, we still keep the user in mind. We avoid systems that are too complicated or too hard to use, too expensive, or require constant service. In other words the systems we provide should fit naturally into your lifestyle and improve or enhance your ability to control your own environment.

We welcome you to use your imagination; many of the systems we install today are a direct result of some desire or suggestion from our customers. We have designed components, had software developed and formulated installation practices all based on our customerís requests.

Although these systems are conceived for new construction, most of them can be incorporated into existing homes or businesses. We will be happy to provide no cost information or a quotation to you on your system.

We look forward to talking to you and answering any questions you may have.

Dwain Fitzpatrick
President Source One Services