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The Talking Alarm System
Imagine not having to know how to operate an alarm system. The Apex Destiny lets you know status, alarm conditions, system troubles all by voice. One button arming, home automation controls, voice status and more are all standard.

Imagine forgetting to arm the system before leaving on a trip... all you have to do is pick up any touchtone phone (including cellular) and call the house. Check status, arm or disarm the system, program new code numbers and more from any touchtone phone in the world.

Imagine having the alarm system turn on lights as you enter an area. Notify you when someone is in the driveway. Turn off the sprinkler system if it is raining.

Personal protection panic buttons to call police, fire, or emergency response.

And of course, standard protection from unauthorized door openings, window opening or breakage, interior motion detection and fire detection.

Fire Panic Medical Alert Police Panic

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