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What is Home Automation?
It is the control of ordinary household electronics, lights, and more. Control can be as simple as an automatic timer or as involved as an entire house coming on and off according to a computer program.

What can be controlled?
Lights turning on, off, or flashing... coffee makers... stereo systems... tvs... sprinkler systems... alarm systems... hot tubs & jacuzzis... closed circuit TV cameras... and much more.

How expensive is it?
Pricing varies according tos cope of the systems... from modest beginning at less than $100 to many thousands of dollars. We will help you decide the right equipment for your project. Most systems start off small and build over time; so don't be afraid to be modest at the start. The only thing to remember is if wiring is required, get it in place as soon as possible.

How can I control it?
Remote controls (like your TV remote), desktop timers and control pads, wall mount control pads, computers, security alarm systems sensors, and more. Most of the choices depend on complexity of the system. A basic kit that comes with computer controlled timer and software will control many lights and appliances around the hose. Amore complete system will do the above and show you caller-IC on your TV screen, record your favorite TV show, automatically open or close the drapes, lock or unlock the doors, and adjust the temperature according to time of day, weather, or seasonal conditions.

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